Volume VIII, Issue 1, June 2017

ISSN: 0975-6272 (Online)

In this issue (22 articles)
1.Spatio - Temporal changes and impact of air pollution on human heatlh: A Case Study of Dehradun City
Sharma, Mandakini; Pal, Brijesh; Pal, Anil and Bajpai, A. B.
2.Induction to Viable but Non Culturable State and Resuscitation of Bacillus cereus and E. coli
Karmakar, Sushmita and Roychoudhury, K.
3.Estimation of heavy metals, lead and nickel in water samples of some water bodies of industrial Town Faridabad
Arya, Shveta
4.Induction to Viable but Non Culturable State and Resuscitation of Salmonella and Pseudomonas
Karmakar, Sushmita and Roychoudhury, K.
5.Curse or Boon: Order by Supreme Court of India on Bharat Stage III vehicles Ban for Environment Protection and Public Health
Kandwal, Nagendra prasad and Kandwal, Neha Sharma
6.Effect of arsenic on plant growth and remediation of arsenic by Cyanobacterial species
Mankar; Shilpa, P. and Roychoudhury, K.
7.Green India and environmental legislation
Kandwal, Nagendra Prasad
8.Removal of arsenic by Cyanobacterial species in static culture condition
Mankar; Shilpa, P. and Roychoudhury, K.
9.Water Pollution and Fish Diversity in between Marathoa to Chalang, Dehradun
Vats, Deepika
10.Cropping Systems and Agro-Management Practices in relation to Soil Carbon in the Temperate Regime of Uttarakhand
Nautiyal, Prachi; Pokhriya, Priya; Panwar, Pooja; Arunachalam, Kusum; Arunachalam, A.
11.Methodology for Pollution Control of Lakes and Management
Shrivastva, Naresh Gopal
12.Role of Supreme Court in Sustainable Development of Environment and its protection in India
Kandwal, Nagendra Prasad
13.Impact of climatic factors on Aedes population and its correlation with the emerging trends of Dengue and Chikungunya in Tricity (Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula)
Wats, Meenu and Maansi
14.Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Saini, Richa
15.Ecology and Conservation of Threatened Birds in and around Navegaon National Park, Maharashtra
Paliwal, G.T. and Bhandarkar, S.V.
16.Impact assessment of climatic changing pattern on lakes water quality of Kumaun region
Panwar, Shikha
17.Trophic status in Freshwater Lentic Ecosystem of Dhukeshwari Temple Pond Deori with Reference to Zooplanktonic Assemblage
Bhandarkar, S.V. and Paliwal, G.T.
18.Women Empowerment in India: Rationale and Present Status
Chadha, Sanjeev Kumar
19.Significance of β-actin gene in Cerebrospinal fluid for the Cellular and Molecular Characterization of Tuberculosis Meningitis
Sharma, Narotam; Rawat, Anita; Gupta, Komal; Agarwal, Ruchi; Ghanshyam; Anand; Ram, Rishi; Garg, Neelam; Dhingra, Gulshan K.
20.Health risk, water hygiene and Scientific Communication
Matta, Gagan and Kumar, Avinash
21.Temporal assessment using WQI of River Henwal, a Tributary of River Ganga in Himalayan Region
Matta, Gagan; Kumar, Avinash; Uniyal, D. P.; Singh, Prashant; Kumar, Amit; Dhingra, Gulshan K.; Ajendra Kumar6 Naik, Pradeep K. and Shrivastva, Naresh Gopal
22.COP for Environmental Conservation
Madan, Sangeeta and Chanchal
23.Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services of Ramganga Reservoir (Uttarakhand)
Malik, D. S. and Tyagi, Divya
24.Trends of pigmentation in foliar tissue of some arid and Sub-arid zone plants of Northern Rajasthan
Malhotra, G. S. and Madan, Jyoti
25. Analysis of impact of Demonetization on Mobile Commerce Applications in semi urban areas
Gupta, Manu and Gupta Chandan
Volume VIII, Issue 1, June 2017
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