Volume III, Issue 2, June 2012

ISSN: 0975-6272 (Online)

In this issue (13 articles)
1.Bioaccumulation in tissues of fresh water fish cirrhina mrigala on chronic exposure of heavy metal nickel for 60 days
Shveta Arya, Jyotsna Singh and H.B. Sharma
2.Anticipated performance index (API) of some tree species grown in Aurangabad city
B. L. Chavan and N. S. Sonwane
3.Hydrobiology assessment of the fresh water reservoir Nyari-II in relation to fisheries
A. P. Goswami and P. C. Mankodi
4.Ecological understanding of Anchar, lake, Kashmir
M. Jeelani and H. Kaur
5.Bird Diversity in Shallabug Wetland (Kashmir), India
A. Hai, M. Jeelani, S. Patil and R. Ahmad
6.Studies on the diatom flora of north Maharashtra region: genus – caloneis, neidium, diploneis, stauroneis, anomoeneis
K.D. Mahajan
7.Biodiversity of littoral benthic community and shorebirds of Sirpur lake, Indore
Tushar Kumar Gandhi and Shailendra Kumar Sharma
8.Study of Environmental imperatives of sustainable development in India
Tushar Kumar Gandhi and Shailendra Kumar Sharma
9.Vermitechonological potential of Lampito mauritii (Kinberg) on leaf litter and vegetable waste during different seasons of year in Jammu
Sajaad Iqbal Khan, R.K.Rampal and Anil Gupta
10.Effect of Codex-551 on germination and seedling growth of wheat (Triticumaestivum) crop in saline-alkaline black soil
B.L. Chavan and S.H. Pawar
11.A report on some threatened plant taxa of Harda district of Madhya Pradesh, India
Jeetendra Sainkhediya and Sudeep Ray
12.Morphological variations and Inhibition of growth of Escherichia coli due to exposure of first transition series metal compounds
Bhandari, Prabhakar R, Madan, Sanjay and Roychoudhury, Kuna
13.Knowledge Societies, Human Security and Human rights
Dongare, Suhas S.
Volume III, Issue 2, June 2012
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