Green India and environmental legislation

Kandwal, Nagendra Prasad

This paper study of Green India and Environmental Legislation is about Law and regulations are a major tool in protecting the environment.

Keywords:     Green India | Environmental Legislations


We live in the environment and use the environmental resources like air, land and water to meet our needs. Development also means meeting the needs of the people. While meeting the ever-growing needs, we put pressure on the environment. When the pressure exceeds the carrying capacity of the environment to repair or replace itself, it creates a serious problem of environmental degradation. If we use any environmental resource such as ground water beyond its limit of replacement, we may lose it forever. in the last two centuries or so, the human influence on environment has increased manifold due to the rapid population growth and the fast development in science and technology. These two are the major factors in reducing the quality of environment and causing its degradation. The environmental degradation poses a great danger to man’s own survival. For example: We, the human beings are the prime killers of plants and trees. This callout gives an idea of the feelings of trees. A demon named ’deforestation’ . Effects of deforestation can be understood by the message from the cut tree. Now, we are dead and understand that you too will soon die. You will not get fresh oxygen, clean air, and a good habitat. You destroy yourselves by destroying us. You are destroying the habitat of birds Die humans! Die!!

India has population of over one billion of which 300 million live around 600 towns and cities. Unfortunately , as a result stressed  environmental conditions most of these towns and cities unable cope of with rapid pace of urbanization . water pollution unavailability of drinking water, inadequate sanitation, open dumping waste and loss of forest cover are some of the related problem. This situation demand immediate intervention in the management rapidly growing urban environment problems. The quality of the environment need to be monitored regularly and more importantly, scientific work need to extend beyond the laboratory and become more community centered. The underline realization is that each one of us is responsible for the current state of our environment and we cannot wait for someone else to solve it. Clean India Programme was launched by Development Alternatives with the vision of developing a cleaner environment for our urban centers.