Water Pollution and Fish Diversity in between Marathoa To Chalang, Dehradun

Vats, Deepika

The water may contain desirable substances has received less attention in guidelines and regulations, but on increased awareness of the biological value of water has occurred in the past several decades. The anthropogenic process has physically, chemically and biologically modified our great river ecosystem. Thus it will create the problem of degradation of water river ecosystem.

Keywords: Water pollution | Fish Diversity | Ecosystem | River | Degradations


Water is an essential need for all increase in human beings. The determinate of an aquatic system is as old as civilization industrialization, utilization, and characterization of activities. The result of an unprecedented increase in human population and industrialization has caused pollution of water and air through excessive, discharge of waste material into the environment. The Doon valley is surrounded by the outer Himalayas (Mussoorie hills) in the North Shivalik ridge in the south, River Ganga in the east and river Yamuna in the west. The minimum and maximum annual temperatures vary from 4-70C in November to February. A qualitative assessment of the various components of the fish fauna of the area together with the study of the related aspects such as habitat structures, food and feeding habits. The streams fishes communities reproductive seasonally, migration, spawning and attitudinal distribution.