Volume X1, Issue 1, June 2020

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EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.1
Application of Zinc Oxide nanoparticles on Cotton fabric for imparting Antimicrobial properties
Mulchandani, Neha and Karnad, Vishaka

EOI: 10.11208/essence.
Biosphere reserves: a solution reconciling biodiversity conservation with its sustainable use
Aggarwal, Kanika; Puri, Kanchan; Joshi, Ritesh and Garkoti, Satish C.

EOI: 10.11208/essence.
Ecological status of raptors in selected study area of Navegaon National Park, Maharashtra, Ind
Kedar, Ghanshyam T. and Chinchkhede, Kalpana H.

EOI: 10.11208/essence.
Multi-biometric Sustainable approach for human Appellative
Shahzad Ashraf

EOI: 10.11208/essence.
Hope or No Hope?
Leonard Harris

EOI: 10.11208/essence.
Preliminary annotations on faunal composition of Crustacea of Sarkari Lake, Gondia, India
Gadwe, A.S.; Bhandarkar, S.V.; Tijare, R.V. and Paliwal, G.T.

EOI: 10.11208/essence.
Solid waste and its impact on air and water quality
Kumar, Maheep and Prakash, Vijay

EOI: 10.11208/essence.
Chlorophyll-a related water quality in selected quarry rock pond of Madurai District
Seetha, V. and Chandran, M.

EOI: 10.11208/essence.
Study of some medicinal pteridophytes from Uttarakhand
Chauhan, Aaradhna; Lal, Sanjeev and Bakshi, Meena

EOI: 10.11208/essence.
Cladoceran Diversity (Crustacea: Banchiopoda) in a Eutrophied Itkheda Pond
Bhandarkar, S. V. and Paliwal, G. T.

EOI: 10.11208/essence.
Tolerance: COVID19 and those who stand by in silence
Latimore, Janis

EOI: 10.11208/essence.
Road kill mortality of snakes (Squamata: serpents) near Navegaon National Park, Maharashtra: A case study
Paliwal, G. T. and Bhandarkar, S. V.

EOI: 10.11208/essence.
Save Water, Save Future
Gulati, Riya

EOI: 10.11208/essence.
Environmental pollution and ways to reduce pollution with use of environmental engineering techniques in metropolises of developing countries
Saremi, Pedram

EOI: 10.11208/essence.
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Volume X, Issue 1, June 2019
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