Volume VI, Issue 1, June 2015

ISSN: 0975-6272 (Online)

In this issue (24 articles)
1.Role of government to prevent and control cyber crime in India
Chadha, Sanjeev K. and Srivastava, Ratnesh K.
2.System of Rice Escalation (SRE): A new concept for rice cultivation
Pant, H.V. and Kumar, Suresh
3.Traditional Agroforestry Systems of Western Himalayan Region: A Review
Singh, Narayan; Singh, Prakash; Bhandari, A. K.; Sundriyal, R. C. & Lodhiyal, L. S.
4.Heavy metal analysis of industrial effluent allied with groundwater
Matta, Gagan; Kumar, Ravindra; Kumar, Avinash and GJYLI, Laura
5.Drinking water quality in relation to human health in Haridwar District, Uttarakhand
Malik, D.S. and Tyagi, Divya
6.Health Effects of Deteriorating Environment – A Review
Chaudhary, Seema
7.Physico-chemical characterization of composite wastewater from textile industry, Panipat (Haryana), India
Malik, D.S.; Jain, C.K. and Yadav, Anuj K.
8.Virtualization: Technology Helping Environment
Aggrawal, Mayank and Kumar, Nishant
9.Post harvest dormancy in Pigeon pea (Cajanus Cajan L.) and their methods to overcome
Lambat Prachi; Charjan Sanjiv; Lambat Ashish; Patil Shanti
10.Biodiversity of some medicinal plants: a survey in Bichawa Pather, District Chindwara (M.P.)
Meshram, S.M.; Sawarkar, D.B. and Bhandarkar, S.V.
11.Diversity of Spiders from Punjabrao Krishi Vidhyapith Campus area, Akola
Vairale, Amit B.
12.Water pollution and health hazards, in Doab Region of Utter Pardesh
Neelima; Singh, Jyoti and Kumar, Praveen
13.Effect of post harvest operations on seed quality of Mung (Physeolus mungo L.)
Charjan, Sanjiv; Gadewar, Rajesh, Lambat, Ashish, Lambat, Prachi
14.Influence of botanicals against Khapra Beetle (Trogoderma granarium Everts) and their effect on grain qualities of Maize during storage
Lambat, Ashish; Lambat, Prachi; Charjan, Sanjiv and Deotale, Rajesh
15.Investigation of Seasonal variations in physicochemical characteristics of Gangapur Reservoir in Nasik District (M.S.)
Rahane, Balasaheb; Waykar, Bhalchandra and Bhalla, Resham
16.Diversity of butterflies (Lepidoptera: Insecta) from New Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary: Zone III in NNTR, Maharashtra, India
Bhandarkar, S.V. and Paliwal, G.T.
17.Physical, Physiological, Biochemical and mycological changes in Bengal gram seeds due to infestation of Pulse beetle during storage
Patil, Shanti, Lambat, Ashish, Charjan, Sanjiv, Gadewar, Rajesh, Babhulkar, Vipin
18.Bhartiye, Dharm, Sahitya Aur Paryavaran
Rakesh Chandra
19.Sahitya Parivesh mai Paryavaran
Vikas Kumar
20.Paryavaran Aur Sahitya mai Antsambandh
Puja Pundir
21.Swachh Bharat Aur Paryavarn
Neelkanth Giri
22.Hindi Sahitya dwara paryavaran sangrakshan Jagrukta
Sakshi Agarwal
23.Water resources regime in Kumaun Hills of Uttarakhand, India (A Study in Historical Perspective)
Sah, Reetesh
24.Spatial morphology and type of slums in Dehradun City
Pal, Anil; Gupta, J.P. and Chandra, Reena
Volume VI, Issue 1, June 2015
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