Volume V, Issue 1, June 2014

ISSN: 0975-6272 (Online)

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Editorial Article
Save Water Save Life
Krishan Kumar Saini
1.Role of Department of Science & Technology for promoting research through interaction: A case study
A. P. Mishra, Pawan Kumar and B. P. Singh
2.PCR-SSCP and sequence analysis of three populations of Microtermes obesi (Order: Isoptera; Family: Termitidae) from Chandigarh (India) on the basis of partial 16Sr RNA and ND1 gene
Mamtesh Kumari, Vijay Lakshmi Sharma, Monika Sodhi, Manishi Mukesh, Yogesh Kumar Shouche and Ranbir Chander Sobti
3.Public awareness towards global warming with special reference to HP University, Shimla
Krishna R. Rajput and Poonam B. Chauhan
4.Strategic implementation of site specific crop management in Indian agriculture for biodiversity conservation
Shraddha Mittal and Shobha Shouche
5.Assessment of ground water quality for drinking and irrigation suitability in Jaunpur District (U.P.) India
D.S. Malik and Pradip K. Maurya
6.Evaluation of drinking water quality of Navsari District (Gujarat)
Krishna Vaidya, Mohini Gadhia, N. K. Maheshwari, and N. K. Sharma
7.Screening of pesticide from contaminated water using Molecular Imprinted Polymer-Solid phase extraction method
H.V. Pant, K. P. Singh, S. Kumar and P. Singh
8.L-Ascorbate mediated detoxification of Lambda Cyhalothrin induced histopathological changes in the gill epithelium of an experimental model, fresh water bivalve, Lamellidens Marginallis
Resham Bhalla
9.Effect of chromium on the foliar epidermal pattern in different accessions of Vigna angularis
Anil Kumar, Shalabh Gupta and Gulshan Kumar Dhingra
10.Indian Water diversity conservation: source development and management
Shradha Mittal
Volume V, Issue 1, June 2014
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