Volume IV, Issue 1, June 2013

ISSN: 0975-6272 (Online)

In this issue (13 articles)
1.Distribution pattern of aquatic macrophytes and their biomass in relation to some nutrients in Asan wetland, India
D. S. Malik and Nidhi Joshi
2.Climate change and its impact on Indian agriculture
P. S. Pratheep
3.Prevalence of malaria in the population of Purnia Distrit, Bihar
B. N. Pandey, Ranjana Kumari, Md. Jahangeer and D. Kumar
4.Vegetational Analysis of Pinus roxburghii forest in Uttarkashi
Prerna Pokhriyal, G. K. Dhingra, Ruchi Maithani, Neha Panwar and N.P. Todaria
5.Effects of consanguinity on Badhiya Muslims of Purnia district, Bihar
Md. Jahangeer, A.K. Thakur and B. N. Pandey
6.Variability and Correlation studies in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata)
Archana Thorat and Rajesh D. Gadewar
7.Man and Nature in Indian Thought
V. Rajeev
8.Toxicological effects of lead on certain enzymological and biochemical parameters in Cirrhina mrigala
Shveta Arya, Jyotsna Singh and H.B. Sharma
9.Impact of climate change on BY cotton in Nagpur District
A.P. Lambat, V.S. Dongre and K.J. Cherian
10.Water quality assessment of River Yamuna in Uttarakhand with reference to statistical modeling
Gagan Matta
11.Impact of Tourism on Environment
Rashmi Tyagi, Savita Vermani and Jatesh Kathapalia
12.Electrical conductance properties of terpolymer resin: synthesis, characterization and its applications
M.B. Thakre
13.Diversity of Spiders in Agro-ecosystems of Barshitakli, District Akola, Maharashtra
Amit B. Vairale
Volume IV, Issue 1, June 2013
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