Glory of Traditional Sari Draping Styles of India

Singh, Anita

The traditional sari is a thing of wonder. It shows the skills of handloom workers- its weave and fabric indicating its geographic region. There are no such things as the Indian sari. Sari, by name it is a dress of women of India. Saris are also the expression of women’s creativity and could inspire anyone. All the arts that have flourished in India, one of the least known and studied is that of draping. Fashion comes and goes, but sari draping remains the first love of every Indian girl when it comes to look gorgeous and feel feminine. There is a wide spectrum of styles that women from all state of society. Here are the some indian sari draping style i.e. Athpourey sari from Bengal, Nivi sari from Andhra Pradesh, Mekhela Chador fron Assam, Nauvari sari from Maharashtra, MundumNariyathum sari from Kerala, SeedhaPallu from U.P., Gujrat and Rajasthan, Kunbi from Goa, Madisar sari from Tamilnadu, Phanek from Manipur, Santhal sari from Jharkhand.

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A garment that is a true reflection of a woman’s elegance and timelessness, India is a treasure trove of different sari varieties. And that’s not all; each region has a unique sari draping style as well. Each state boasts of multiple ways the sari can be draped keeping in sync with the needs of the women there. There are many sari draping styles, a part from the regular way to wearing. These styles can make even one single sari look different everywhere you done it.

Different traditions and cultures in India have different ways of draping sari in their particular style and method as well such traditional wedding saris.

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