Volume V, Issue 2, June 2014

ISSN: 0975-6272 (Online)

In this issue (21 articles)
1.Environmental law and sustainable development challenges ahead
S.K. Chadha
2.Mountain tourism and the Sherpa: Interface between environment and existence
Soma Bandyopadhyay
3.Legal Provisions on Sustainable Development in India
Sristi Tripathi and Parul Verma
4.An Assessment of Water Quality of River Ganga at Allahabad with respect to a Statistical method: Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
Ruby Pandey, Anup Kumar Pandey and D. N. Shukla
5.Water pollution caused by heavy metals and resulting hazards for human health
Bharti Khare, Arun Kher, S. K. Sharma, Tripta Sapru, Shakun Mishra and S. K. Mahajan
6.Role of L – Ascorbic acid in the detoxification due to methomyl induced alterations in the protein content in different tissues of fresh water bivalve Lamellidens Marginallis (Lamarck)
Resham Bhalla
7.A comprehensive study on the regulation of pediatric in U.S., Europe and India
Neetika Rani, Vikaas Budhwaar and Arun Nanda
8.Impact of religious and cultural activities on the environment and conservation of biodiversity
S.K. Mahajan
9.Solid waste management in Nimar Eco-Region of Madhya Pradesh
S.K. Mahajan and B.S. Solanki
10.Himalaya Ke Garhwal Shetre ki Prakritic Aapdaye
Anuj Kumar and Pankaj Kumar Chauhan
11.Paryavan Ka Samajik Jeevan Par Prabhav
Meenakshi Kumari
12.Paryavaran Aur Chayavadi Kavya
Neha Sharma
13.Sustainable Development: Mutual Relationship between Environmental Consciousness and Levels of Economic Growth
Seema Choudhary
14.Embroyonic development of Endocrine glands in Japanese Quail, Coturnix Coturnix Japonica
Jyoti Ramteke, Pravin Charde and Suresh Zade
15.Mobile Towers and Vanishing Sparrows
Shashi Nautiyal and Shweta Bansal
16.Sahitye Parivesh mai Paryavarn
Vikas Kumar
17.Paryavarn Aur Sahitya mai Antarsambandh
Puja Pundir
18.Geo-architectural Perspectives on Urban Environment in water resource management: A case study
Manisha Deb Sarkar
19.Ethno-medicinal plants used by tribes of Junona Village of Chandrapur District (M.S.), India
N.V. Harney
20.Industrial pollution: geographical analysis – Saharanpur city
Jyoti Singh and Ashu Singh
21.Genotoxic Effects of Chromium (Cr) in Eleusine coracana - Mitotic analysis
Anil Kumar, Shalabh Gupta, G.K. Dhingra and Pooja Kukreti
Volume V, Issue 2, June 2014

Proceeding of National Conference on Environmental Conservation & Clean India Programme
(December 07, 2014)

Organised by
MANU – International Council for Man and Nature, India
Academic Staff College, Kumaon University, Nainital, India
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