Volume X1, Issue 2, December 2020

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EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.2
Response of Himachal Pradesh to new strains of pandemic COVID 19
Sharma, Neeraj K.
Study on Discharge Printing of cotton fabric using Catalase Peroxidase Enzyme
Pandey, Shyamli and Bhatnagar, Deepti
Application of Eco-friendly Antimicrobial Finish using Spinach Extract on Cotton Fabric for Sustainable Apparel
Thanawala, Nafisa Juzar and Mulchandani, Neha
A Study on the Effectiveness of Online Learning in Fashion Education
Shashank, Rohit, Chavi Goyal, Pranav, Karma, Anurag
Lyocell: A fashionable companion of Rayon
Agarwal, Khushi and Massey, Shefali
A Critical Analysis on Status and Challenges Faced By Khadi Sale Outlets in Haryana and Punjab
Kaur, Simardeep and Kashyap, Radha
Phulkari: expression of emotions through embroidery
Gundev; Gurvinder Kaur and Karolia, Anjali
A study on inventory management techniques applied by fashion and retail stores and its impact on consumer buying behavior with reference to Kangra City
Kapoor, Priyanka; Umar, Mohammad and Chavi Goyal
The pursuance and outcome of altered curriculum at National Institute of Fashion Technology, Kangra
Drishti; Kandari, Meghna; Shrotriya, Priya and Mahajan, Snigdha
A study on hand knitting crafts and musculoskeletal disorders of Artisans of Kullu District (Himachal Pradesh, India
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Volume XI, Issue 2, December 2020
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