Volume VII, Issue 2, December 2016

ISSN: 0975-6272 (Online)

In this issue (16 articles)
1.Tourism and its impact on Socio – Economic Life of Shimla District, Himachal Pradesh
Pal, Anil and Pal, Brijesh Kumar
2.Water Pollution and its effects on human health: A case study of Dehradun City
Sharma, Mandakini; Pal, Brijesh; Pal, Anil and Bajpai, A. B.
3.Antibacterial action of medicinal plant Alysicarpus Vaginalis against respiratory tract pathogens
Prashant Arya, J. P Mehta and Sanjay Kumar
4.Stress response of Escherichia coli on exposure to first transition series elements in Liquid state
Bhandari, Prabhakar
5.Influence of deep cryogenic treatment on the mechanical properties of AISI-H11 Hot Die Steel
Katoch, Sanjeev; Sehgal, Rakesh and Singh, Vishal
6.A comparative study of physico-chemical and bacteriological parameters of three different ritual bathing ghats of Ganga River in India
Kamboj, Nitin; Bharti, Manisha; Kamboj, Vishal; Rani, Anchal and Sharma, Shalini
7.Impact of anthropogenic activities on water quality of prominent water bodies of Varanasi, UP, India
Tripathi, Ruchi and Tripathi, Shailendra Kumar
8.Assessment of water quality index of Jhilmil lake at Haridwar, Uttarakhand
Malik, D. S. and Tomar, Garima
9.The Impact of Environmental Awareness on Teachers’ Attitude towards Environmental Education
Singh, Aileesha
10.Removal of methyl orange dye from textile effluent using adsorption on chitosan hydrogel beads
Agarwal, Anuja and Vaishali
11.Role of certain Biochemicals in Maintanance of osmotic balance in Philosamia Ricini during starvation
Chandorkar, Shuchita; Shouche, Shobha and Pathak, J.P.N.
12.Human Hair: A Competent Biological Composite Fiber – A Review
Verma, Akarsh and Singh, Vinay
13.Assessment of physico-chemical characteristics of ground water, Roorkee (Uttarakhand), India
Kamboj, Nitin; Rani, Anchal; Bharti, Manisha; Kamboj, Vishal and Sharma, Shalini
14.Role of science and technology in teaching learning process
Kumar, Roopendra and Rani, Sunita
15.Pond culture and their management in Shasthra Dhara of Doon City
Vats, Deepika
16.Impact of Tourism on Socio – Economic Life of Shimla District, Himachal Pradesh
Gupta, J.P. and Pal, Anil
Volume VII, Issue 2, June 2016
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