Volume VI, Issue 2, June 2015

ISSN: 0975-6272 (Online)

In this issue (29 articles)
1.Biodiversity and distribution of Bacillariophyceae flora of the Vindhyan River of Indian Subcontinent
Verma, Jyoti; Gopesh, Anita and Nautiyal, Prakash
2.Use of biodegradable alkaline salt in exhaust dyeing process of cotton fabric with direct dye
Rastogi, Shivi and Jain, Bhavya
3.Ayurvedic drugs production in indigenous system in modern days - Review for GMP perspective
Kumar, Amit and Singh, Arjun
4.Cyclic voltammetric and antimicrobial studies of Co(II) and Fe(III) dibenzotetrazaanulene [12] complexes
Tevatia, Prashant; Kumar, Anuj; Sweety and Singh, Randhir
5.Human Rights to Consumed Water, Environmental Protection: Present and Future
Agarwal, Sangeeta; Pal, Sohan and Tyagi, Rashmi
6.Study of Zoning: An Operational Research Approach
7.Effect of Pinus Roxburghii Bark Extract on Alternaria species
Srivastava, Archana
8.Effect of drying on the quality of essential oil of Ocimum americanum L.
Bhatt, Sunita; Kunwar, Gitu; Tewari, Geeta; Rani, Akanksha and Bisht, Mamta
9.Threat to Food Security: Himalayas grappling in present scenario of unavoidable Climate Change
Rawat, Jaiyati and Rawat, Laxmi
10.Wireless real time heart monitoring system synced with android application
Som, Pritha; Bhowmick, Sutanni and Ray, Oindri
11.Science and Technology for indigenous development in India
Sharma, Aditi
12.Tree Borne Oilseed (TBOs): Competitive Source for Biodiesel in Rural India
Arora, Gurveen and Kumar, Dinesh
13.A comparative study on gain enhancement techniques of leaky wave antenna
Pandey, Namita; Chauhan, Anjali and Agrawal, Rahul
14.Use of marginal materials in road works
Swami, R. K. and Arun, Uma
15.Funaria Hygrometrica extracts with activity against plant pathogenic fungi Alternaria species
Srivastava, Naina
16.Exploring potentials of science & technology for research in swaryogic science
Giri, Rakesh
17.Metamaterial based antenna for 10.0 GHZ Frequency
Ghosh, Devankar; Kher, Sakshi and Kumar, Nitin
18.Gesture Controlled Quadcopter
Vishwas, Shivam; Arora, Rishabh; Bhaskar, Nikhil; Lal, Suraj Kr; Bhandwal, Mohit
19.Gesture Controlled Gimble for Quadcopter
Gaur, Vivek; Mishra Abhishek; Aquil, Manal; Thapa, Himanshi and Verma, Rahul Kumar
20.A study of Role Conflict and Occupational Stress in Relation to Quality of Life of Married Working Women
Kumar, Arun
21.Phytochemical screening and antioxidant activity of the leaves of plant Casearia tomentosa
Shukla, Abha; Tyagi, Ritu and Shukla, Rishi Kumar
22.Metamaterials: Characteristics, Structures And Applications
Badoni, Anumeha; Belwal, Pravesh and Kumar, Nitin
23.Optimal Design of UWB Antenna Using Differential Evolution
Agarwal, Ankit, Srinivas, K. and Gupta, M. S.
24.Genotoxicity due to Chromium -Mitotic effects in Vigna angularis (L.) Gaertn. (Adzuki Bean)
Kumar, Anil; Dhingra, G. K. and Gupta, Shalabh
25.Environmental conditions for the conservation of wildlife and its anthropogenic responses in Himachal Pradesh
Pal, Anil; Goswami, D.C. and Pal, Brijesh
26.Sex and altitude based study on leaf related parameters in Zanthoxylum Armatum Roxb.
Gupta, Shalabh; Kumar, Anil and Paliwal, Ajai Kumar
27.Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO Thin Films Fabricated by Sol-Gel Method
Pathak, Trilok Kumar; Pal, Pankaj K.; Gupta, Himanshu; Matta, Gagan; Kumar, Ajendra; Kumar, R. and Purohit, L. P.
28.Magnetothermal Properties of Hole Doped CMR Manganites (Re1-x AxMnO3): A Variational Treatment
Panwar, Sunil; Kumar, Vijay and Singh, Ishwar
29.Civic Amenities in Slums of Dehradun City, Uttarakhand
Gupta, J.P. and Pal, Anil; and Chandra, Reena

Volume VI, Issue 2, June 2015

Proceeding of National Conference on Science & Technology for Indigenous Development in India
(September 28-30, 2015)

Organised by
The Indian Science Congress Association: Haridwar Chapter
Faculty of Engineering & Technology
Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India

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