Volume II, Issue 2, June 2011

ISSN: 0975-6272 (Online)

In this issue (13 articles)
1.Histopathological effect of testosterone propionate on male and hydroxyl progesterone caproate on female rain quail, Coturnix coromandelica
Pravin Charde, Jyoti Ramteke and Suresh Zade
2.Assessment of ambient noise level in the city of Bareilly (U.P.)
Singh, Vikas; Bhadauriya, Gaurav, and Matta, Gagan
3.Evaluation of present water quality status of Sapta Sarovars at Ujjain
Bhadauriya, Gaurav; Matta, Gagan and Singh, Vikas
4.Population ecology of the Indian torrent catfish, Amblyceps mangois (hamilton- buchanan) from Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India
Ram Krishan, A. K. Dobriyal, K.L.Bisht, R.Kumar and P. Bahuguna
5.Deterioration of water quality of some eco-efficient Himalayan rivers in India
Ankur Kansal, Nihal A. Siddiqui and Ashutosh Gautam
6.Seasonal variation in bee forage of Apis cerana bees in urban area of Nagpur due to the varied plant diversity
S. D. Godghate, K.J. Cherian and M. Bhowal
7.Organic farming a necessity for sustenance of soil algal flora for agricultural fields
Bhowal, M., Cherian, K. J., Vishwakarma, S. and Matta, Gagan
8.Influence of early and late mounting on economic parameters in autumn Rearing of PM × CSR2 larvae of silkworm, Bombyx mori L.
Shamin Ahmed Bandey and Amardev Singh
9.Pollution, a threat to conservation of biodiversity in fresh water body of Chulband River, Gondia Dist., Maharashtra
Cherian K.J. and Shahare P.C.
10.Evaluating economic sustainability of ponds (talab) of Dhar town (M.P.)
Preeti Chaudhary
11.Antibacterial activity of plant extracts of cyperus rotundus and vetiveria zizanoides on the air borne micro-organisms of some houses in Nagpur city
Balpande, Shubhangini M. And Cherian K.J.
12.Counteractive impacts of plant growth regulators over uv-b radiation damage on certain physiological and biological aspects in wheat crop
Panwar, S. K. and Dhingra, G. K.
13.Environmental education, population growth and development
Chandra, Reena
Volume II, Issue 2, June 2011
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