Curse or Boon: Order by Supreme Court of India on Bharat Stage III vehicles Ban for Environment Protection and Public Health

Kandwal, Nagendra prasad and Kandwal, Neha Sharma

The main objective of this article is to aware people about Environment Protection in India, which can not be executed merely by Any Law and Act made by legislation but also by understanding our duties and moralities for Environment Protection.

 Keywords:     Supreme Court of India | Bharat Stage III Vehicles | Environment Protection | Public Health


Supreme Court of India on 29 march 2017, ordered to all Automobile Manufacturing companies to ban production, sale and registration of BS-III (Bharat Stage III)Vehicles from the date 1 April 2017. The main objective of this order was prevention of Environmental Pollution by Bharat Stage III vehicles which is polluting Environment very fast. Supreme Court also specified clearly in this order that, they can not ignore the life of billions of people which would be effected by polluted environment merely for the financial benefits of Business. Where on one side Hon’ble Supreme Court Justice Madan B. Lokur and Justice Deepak Gupta took this decision keeping in mind the importance of public health and life which depend on this Environment. On the other side All Automobile manufacturing companies have been expecting time from the Honorable Supreme Court as by this adverse order companies was getting a great loss of almost 12000 Crorer rupees, from 824000 BS-III vehicles production and in order to escape such a huge financial loss from this order. So the companies immediately took a decision to overcome this loss and gave special offer and discount to public on this BS-III vehicles and sold all BS-III vehicles stock within 2days after the Court order.