Volume XI, Special Edition Issue 2, 2020
Theme: Environmental Conservation

In this issue (52 articles)
EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2
Physiological response of S. maculata a terrestrial mollusc against induced cobalt nitrate: A comprehensive study in reproductive organs
Londhe, Sunil; Lanka, Lazarus; Kamble, Nitin; Prajakta, Kumbhar; Shubhangi, Patil; Abdagire, Nisha; Naik, Radhika

A Variational Theory of Magnetic Susceptibility of Anderson Lattice Model: An Application to Colossal Magnetoresistance Manganites
Panwar, Sunil and Singh, Ishwar

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.129
Impact of heavy metals on the structural and chemical component of Gills in bivalve Lamillidens corrianus: a comprehensive study
Londhe, S.R.; Lanka, L.P. and Kamble, N. A.

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.134
Comparative study of vermi-cast generated from flower waste and leaf waste
Paturkar, Kirti; Kulkarni, Prasad and Shambharkar, Sahil

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.125
Variation in Zooplankton Diversity of Kalisarar Dam of Gondia District (M.S)
Gadekar, Gunwant P.

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.126
Simulation of transport of ITF and Indian Ocean using HYCOM
Pandey, Vivek Kumar and Singh, Nidhi

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.127
Sustainable Conservation of Endangered Alpine Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Nardostachys grandiflora DC. Through Top Edge Cuttings using plant growth regulators (PGR’s)
Dobhal, Pradeep; Purohit, Vijay Kant and Chauhan, Jaidev

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.128
Batch adsorption removal of Nickel and Cadmium metal ion from wastewater using waste material of Fabrics as Adsorbent
Lahot, Priyanka and Tiwari, D. P.

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.130
Analytical methodology for the assessment of Novel Cytostatic Drugs in Hospital effluent, WWTPs influent and river water
Kumar, Pradeep and Pandey, A.C.

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.131
Impact on Density of Paeonia emodi along altitudinal gradient in Garhwal Himalaya, India
Prakash, Prem; Joshi, Praveen and Purohit, Vijay Kant

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.132
Spatial correlation between environmental noise and air pollution: a review
Dubey, A.; Patel, R. L. and Brahmbhatt, J.

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.133
A review on pharmacology and therapeutic uses of Antacids
Saraswat Renu, Chatterji Nupur and Saraswat Devesh

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.136
Management of Temple Floral Waste and Utilization of Value Added Floral Waste Product: A Review
Kunal, Adhikary

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.137
Traditional fishing methods in Western Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra
Tayade, Sachin N.

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.138
A Review on Algal Biodiversity of North - Western Indian Himalayan Hillock - Himachal Pradesh and its Potential as an Attractive Feedstock for 3rd Generation Biofuels
Sharma, Nivedita; Sharma, Poonam and Sharma, Nisha

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.139
Nature’s Gift Natural Mineral Water Springs: A Review
Khole, Anil M.

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.140
Assessment of Lake Water Quality by using Trophic State Index Indicators Parameters for Ecological Lake Restoration- a Case Study of Bhimtal Lake, Kumaon Region, Uttrakhand, India
Shrivastava, Naresh Gopal

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.141
Environmental implications of Indira Gandhi Canal in Thar Desert, India
Tembhurne, Sayelli; Pareek; S.K.; Kanwar, Priya and Saini, Aruna

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.142
A Comparative study of Zooplankton diversity and abundance of two Ramsar sites (Lake Mansar and Lake Surinsar) of Jammu Region, J & K
Antal, Neha; Kour, Sarbjeet and Sharma, Kuldeep K.

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.143
Assessment of mine water quality and its utilization (recycle and reuse)
Meshram, Pravin; Sakhare, Purushottum and Thakare, Mahindra

Diversity of birds in local Ecosystem Lakhani, Distt. Bhandara (Maharashtra), India
Parwate, B. P.

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.146
Causes and effects of eutrophication on aquatic life
Sonarghare, P. C.; Masram. S.C.; Sonparote, U. R.; Khaparde, K.P.; Kharkate, S.K. and Shinkhede, M.M.
Explaining Effective Factors on Tourism Industry in Touristic Regions of Guilan Province (Northern of Iran)
Taleghani, Mohammad

Exploring the Ever-change of Seashore by Using Geo-Informatics Technology
Zahir, I.L.M.; Iyoob, A.L.; Madurapperuma, B.D. and Nijamir, K.

A hybrid SWOT-FANP approach to planning medical equipment replacement
Vajari, Soheila Mazloum; Asl, Iravan Masoudi; Hajinabi, Kamran and Riahi, Leila

Need of Environmental Ethics
Shukla, Radhe

Spatio-Temporal Variability and Trends of Rainfall for a Peninsular basin
Thakural, Shahana, L. N.; Prasad, Jyothi and Prasad, H. J. Shiva and Ansari, Mohd. Izharuddin

Assess the Level of Development of Guilan Agricultural Using Numerical Taxonomy
Taleghani, Mohammad

Deep depressions of the world between electricity hydro-power and imprehensive development based on hydrogeological investigationsh
Yousef, Ahmed F.
Sensitising Society about Environmental Conservation: A study of Natural History Museums in India
Sadiya, Juhi

Role of Chitinases as a Waste Management to control Global Crisis
Saini, Sangeta; Chand, Mukesh; Sharma, Hari Om and Kumar, Pradeep

Ecology, Management and Restoration of Rangelands
Madan, Sanjay and Kumar, Rohit

Environmental Policies and Law
Joshi, Swati Anil

In silico study of 5-alpha-reductase (5-AR) active site prediction and interaction with supernatural compound II
Shouche, Shobha; Yadav, Ravikant and Saini, Pradeep
Biosynthesis, characterization, and application of silver nanoparticles in sustainable plastic
Maghodiya, Jalpa R.; Gajera, H.P.; Sodha, Kishan H. and Umrania, V.V.

Biodiversity and conservation of Mangroves present in Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh
Birudu, Ravi Babu; Cherukuri, Israel; B., Kishore Babu and Sangaih. G.

Role of covid-19 lockdown in reducing air pollution: a study of national capital territory

Imposex induction in Stramonita Haemastoma, a bioindicator for organotin contamination in coastal environments
Mortaji, H. El; Benhra, A.; Elkhiati, N.; Haimeur, B. El; Bouhallaoui, M. and Kabine, M.

Nanocoating and Electrospray Techniques use to Control the Corrosion of Aluminium in Sulphur dioxide Environment
Singh, Rajesh Kumar; Singh, R. N.; Singh, Jay Prakash

Circumstances of development of Butachlor generation industries in the field of agricultural applications
Hassanpour, Malek

Fly ash – A future material
Ubale, Seema; Bansod, Shraddha; Joshi, Swati

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.176
Assessing catchment area and morphometric dynamics and its impact onthe water chemistry of Wular Lake, Kashmir
Dar Rafi, R.

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.166
A review on major and minor Diseases affecting Pipper nigrum L.: Theking of spices
Johnson, Riya and Kochuthressia, K. P.

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.167
Sheep rearing as an environment conservation and sustainable development practice: a case study of Maddur Mandal, Mahbubnagar-Telangana
Maddur Mandal, Mahbubnagar-Telangana

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.169
Recent Challenges and Issues in Mining and Mineral Activities
Sakhare, Purushottam and Meshram , Pravin

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.175
Evaluation of physicochemical, heavy metal pollution and microbiological indicators in water samples of Ganges at Uttarakhand India: an impact on public health
Kumar, Prashant; Kothari, Ashish; Kumar, Avinash; Rathi, Himani; Goyal, Bela; Gupta, Pratima; Singh, Bhupender; Mirza, Anissa Atif; Dhingra, Gulshan Kumar

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.135
Quantitative analysis of protein from different types of hen’s egg
Pawar, M. N. and Pawar, S. S.

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.178
Population dynamics of the phytoplankton assemblage of Ashtamudi Wetland, India
Rajan, D. S.

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.170
Understanding Enhanced Photoactivity Mechanisms of Bismuth Oxyhalides Nanostructures for Environmental Remediation
Sharma, I. D.; Tripathi, Gagan Kant; Kant, Chander and Saini, K. K.

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.173
Bamboo Based Enterprise in Uttarakhand State – A Pilot Study
S u nd r i ya l , Ma nj u; S a t i , B i p i n K u ma r a nd S ha r m a , B ha vt o s h

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.180
Study of fish faunal diversity of Ujani Reservoir, Near Bhigwan, Dist. Pune
Kadam, V. Y. ; Patil, S. S. and Patil, S.B.

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.181
Studies on the Hydrogeochemistry of Groundwater in Kushaiguda area Range, Reddy District (Andhra Pradesh)
Srivastava, Shubha and Kumar, Neeraj

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.174
Life table and intrinsic rate of increase in Eligma narcissus (Lipidoptera)
Kadam, V. Y.

EOI: 10.11208/essence.20.11.SP2.168
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