Volume IX, Special Edition Issue 1, 2018
Theme: Eco-Friendly Textile Researches

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DOI: 10.31786/09756272.18.9.SP1
EOI: 10.11208/09756272.18.9.SP1
1.A study on properties of union fabrics developed with sisal fiber for textile application.
Agrawal, Eashverya and Rastogi, Shivi

DOI: 10.31786/09756272.18.9.SP1.151
EOI: 10.11208/essence.18.9.SP1.151
2.Designing hats by fusing western and Indian headgears
Singh,Shweta and Panwar,Charu

DOI: 10.31786/09756272.18.9.SP1.152
EOI: 10.11208/essence.18.9.SP1.152
3.Documentation Of The Motifs Used In Tie And Dye Of Rajasthan Bandhani
Datt, Sunetra and Kavita Marriya

DOI: 10.31786/09756272.18.9.SP1.153
EOI: 10.11208/essence.18.9.SP1.153
4.Effect of Individual and combination of dyes on printability of cots wool
Naaz, Tasneem

DOI: 10.31786/09756272.18.9.SP1.154
EOI: 10.11208/essence.18.9.SP1.154
5.Handcrafted Silk & Zari Sarees: Heritage of Banaras
Agrawal, Eashverya

DOI: 10.31786/09756272.18.9.SP1.155
EOI: 10.11208/essence.18.9.SP1.155
6.Blood replent finishes for health care textiles: An Over View
Bhargava, Deepti and Bhargava, Deeksha

DOI: 10.31786/09756272.18.9.SP1.156
EOI: 10.11208/essence.18.9.SP1.156
7.Designing girls garments through ice dyeing
Suman, Sanjuli and Rastogi, Shivi

DOI: 10.31786/09756272.18.9.SP1.157
EOI: 10.11208/essence.18.9.SP1.157
8.A study on fitting problems in men's traditional ready to wear garments (upperwear)
Ojha, Sulekha and Sharma, Charu

DOI: 10.31786/09756272.18.9.SP1.158
EOI: 10.11208/essence.18.9.SP1.158
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Volume IX, Special Edition Issue Issue 1, 2018
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