Volume VIII, Special Edition Issue 3, 2017
Theme: Innovations in Mechanical Engineering for Sustainable Development

ISSN: 0975-6272 (Online)

In this issue (7 articles)
1.A study on parabolic mass distribution
Meena, Amit
2.Distributed Power Generation “The Future for Surplus Power”
Saini, Hartej Singh; Sandhu, Harinder Singh and Singh, Hardeep
3.A compression on parabolic and skewed mass distribution
Meena, Amit
4.Seismic Micro zonation: A Case study
Gupta, Ankit and Mittal, Kapil
5.Managing Quality
Kaushik, Prabhakar and Mittal, Kapil
6.Removal of Copper (II) using Paper Optode
Sharma, Ruchi Dubey and Amlathe, Sulbha
7.Concept of virtual manufacturing- in design and production
Kumar, Sunil
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